Twi driving lessons

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If your preferred language is twi, then Driver Training Ltd in Telford are able to help with your driving lessons.
  We are the only driving school in telford, shrewsbury and surrounding areas, to offer driving lessons with a twi speaking driving instructor. Kwesi is a Dsa registered driving instructor who is very good at teaching people to drive and getting them to test standard in telford and shrewsbury as quickly possible.
  He offers normal driving lessons, weekly driving lessons and intensive driving courses in telford, shrewsbury and surrounding areas.
 Kwesi has a peugeot 307 diesel, which is very comfortable, is fitted with dual controls and is very easy to drive.

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So whether you need refresher lessons or are just starting to drive, why not contact us today on 0800 1 777 149 or fill in the form and ask for Kwesi.

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