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We offer a traditional window cleaner service in Telford, Shifnal, Newport and Shrewsbury with no fuss, no hosepipes everywhere, no mess, just high quality service at reasonable prices.
  Whether it weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning that you require, we can help. We offer free no obligation quotations for houses, shops or offices.

 Telford_window_cleaner  A Reliable Service

  Free Quotations

  No Fuss or disturbance

  High Quality Craftmanship

  Traditional Cleaning Systems 

 We offer both internal and external window cleaning service for a wide variety of buildings such as large office blocks, apartments, sports complexes, schools, business parks and large homes.

  We have over 20 years experience of commercial window cleaning in telford, we offer a reliable, regular and cost effective service and are conscious of Health and Safety requirements.

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Office Unit Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning and restoring building facades and cladding on industrial and commercial buildings.

Not only does this enhance the appearance of the building, but this treatment will increase the lifespan of the cladding system and reduce ongoing costs for facilities managers and building owners.

The exterior of many industrial and commercial buildings are partially or completely clad with either aluminium or steel construction panels.

These panels in turn will be anodised, painted, powder-coated or plastic-coated. It is therefore important that cladding is maintained to prevent discolouring and corrosion. Without a maintenance schedule, expensive re-cladding, or spray painting may be necessary.

To achieve the best results we use a waterfed pole system to clean and successfully restore cladding , from the smallest warehouse or factory to very large warehouses with a reach of up to 70 ft

Our cladding cleaning is much more cost effective and gets far better results than alternative methods, such as recoating or repainting the cladding, or pressure washing.



We have over 20 years experience at cleaning domestic and commercial properties in Telford, offering a no fuss approach to window cleaning in Telford.

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