Driving Instructor Lesson Plan Diagrams

The most comprehensive lesson plan diagrams

Driving instructor lesson plan diagrams - Whether you are learning to drive, Training to become a driving instructor, or an experienced driver just wanting to refresh their knowledge of the subjects from blind spots to manoeuvres.

Complete Folder - ISBN: 1739647033

Crossroads - ISBN13 : 9781739647018

Manoeuvres - ISBN13 : 9781739647001

Mototrways/ Dual Carriageway/Overtaking - ISBN13 : 9781739647025

Using our driving lesson plan diagrams will help you to understand the subject better.

Designed by ORDIT registered trainers Driver Training Ltd who have been training people to become driving instructors for almost 20 years.

Become a better teacher and a better driver with our driving lesson plan diagrams

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Driving Instructor Lesson Plan Diagrams


The full folder contains every subject that you need to pass your driving test, ADI Part 2 and ADI Part 3 test.

The full folder covers cockpit drill and controls, moving off and stoppping, blindspots and mirrors, left and right turns, Emerging, Open and closed junctions,

See the complete folder video here

See the video for turning and emerging

Dual Carriageway - Motorway - Overtaking

See the video of manoeuvres

See the video of crossroads

See the video for roundabouts

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Unlock Your Teaching Potential

Driving Instructor Lesson Plans Diagrams

The first step to becoming a driving instructor is to get used to teaching from a briefing folder.

Our driving instructor lesson plans help you understand the subject better, which means you can teach it better!

For pupils and drivers, these guides are a great way of understanding any subject that you are struggling to understand

Recommended By Driving Instructors

If you are training to become a driving instructor or just want to be able to better teach particular subjects, then our briefing folder is definitely for you.

We don't just put one picture in and then expect you to draw the rest - which is why most briefing folders are laminated - we provide as many different pictures of a situation as possible.

So for instance the driving instructor lesson plan diagrams on crossroads covers 34 pages!

We not only show you by pictures what needs doing we also provide guidance on what to do as well.

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