Driving Lessons Telford

Learn To Drive in Telford

Taking the leap of faith and beginning your driving lessons is a big day and a really exciting time. Here at our driving school in Telford, we make sure that you get the best value for money without compromising on the exceptional level of teaching we have built a high reputation for.

As Telford is one of the newest towns in the UK, you will see and pick up a huge amount of experience and driving skills each lesson. You will be faced with all road types from country roads, to slow/fast urban roads, to mini roundabouts and spiral roundabouts

driving lessons in telford shropshire
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Weekly driving lessons

Take driving lessons each week that can be 60, 90 or 120 mins from just £40 per hour.

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Automatic Driving Lessons.

No gears, no stalling, no worries! Learn to drive in an automatic driving school car

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Driver Training Telford

Driving lessons telford provides fun and friendly driving lessons in manual and automatic cars with male and female driving instructors

Driving lessons £40 per hour

Intensive Driving Courses Telford

We offer first class intensive driving courses in Telford for those who are looking to pass their driving test as quickly as possible or by. Here at driveJohnson's, we pride ourselves on being able to produce safe and capable drivers in as little time as possible.

You can pass your driving test and become a fully confident and safe driver in as little as 1-6 weeks with our quality driving instructors in Telford. Our driving instructors are all specially trained in teaching intensive driving lessons.


For those who don't want to wait for months to learn to drive - why not take our 1 week intensive driving courses?

driving lessons telford

Intensive Driving Course Telford


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