Want a way of being able to assess how close you are to passing YOUR DRIVING test?

Want a way of saving money on your driving lessons?

Want a way of telling what you need to improve on?

GET USED TO DOING MSPSGL in your driving.


The DVSA expects mirrors to be checked BEFORE any change of speed or direction. So you can analyse your own driving - Do you check

When turning left - Centre and Left mirror BEFORE the signal?

Turning Right - Centre and Right Mirror BEFORE the signal

Slowing Down - Centre Mirror BEFORE braking

Going around Parked vehicles - Centre and Left mirror BEFORE moving out



Do you signal when you should?

Turning left, turning right, moving off, pulling up at the side of the road, turning right on roundabouts, joining a road from a slip road, changing lanes?

Do you signal when you shouldn't?

Going around parked vehicles, signalling right if going straight ahead at roundabouts, Signalling to early on roundabouts, not cancelling signals, flashing lights to let people go?


Do we take up the correct position when driving? Are we driving on the kerb or down the centre white line?

Do we lknow which lane we need at roundabouts using the clockface principle?

Do we follow the lanes on roundabout or take the shortest way across?

  • partially or completely block a driveway
  • obstruct other road users
  • park with one or more wheels on the kerb
  • park too far from the kerb


Speed on approach - Is it too fast or too slow?

Do we know how to tell the speed limit of the road that we are on?

Do we get to the limit when its safe to - or do we do 25 on a 40 or 42 past 30 signs?

Are there repeater signs? If not, whats the limit? Are there streetlights? If it's national speed limit - What is the limit?

If we are in a 30mph zone - do we look at our speedo to see we are doing 36 or 40?

Do you pull out and get to the speed limit without making the on coming car slow down or swerve?


Do we still change down through the gears? 5,4,3,2,1? Or do we block change?

Do we slow down on the brake and THEN choose the gear we need or do we use the gears for engine braking?

Do we change down far too early and keep the clutch down and coast until we are at the speed we need?

Do we coast around corners? Put the car into neutral downhill?


Do you look for where the point of turn is for left and right turns? - So you don't go around wide or catch the kerb?

Emerging - Do you do the minimum of Right Left and Right before going?

  • not anticipating or showing awareness of the actions of cyclists and other vulnerable road users
  • not anticipating or showing awareness of other road users
  • pulling up behind a queue of parked vehicles

  not anticipating that pedestrians are about to cross the road at any time

Not looking for road markings and signs

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