One Way Roads

One Way Roads

One-way Roads

During a driving test, the examiner will not try and trick you into driving up a one-way street in the wrong direction.

They may however say something along the lines of ‘take the next available road on the left’ and if the next road on the left is a one-way road with no entry from your direction, you will need to be sure what you are doing.

Remain vigilant for all road signs whilst driving and in the case of one-way streets, no left or right turn signs.

Driving on a One Way Road

Driving on a one-way street / road

The key to dealing safe;y with one way roads, is, as always, observations.

We often use the rule - New road - Are there any new signs?

So as you are approaching a new road look ahead and see if you can see any new signs.

Such as one way only or No Entry signs and markings.

Road signs will inform you of what happens at the end of the one-way road. Often a one-way road will end, giving way to road with two-way traffic.

One Way Roads - Using the correct lane

One-way T-junction

One of the top 10 reasons in the UK for failing the driving test

Is being in the wrong lane to turn right in a one way road.

*** If you are turning right from a one way road - you need to be in the right hand lane ***

It’s important to select the correct lane. If you are turning right you will need to select the right lane.

If during a driving test you struggle to get into the correct lane due to either leaving it too late or due to high levels of traffic, remain in your current lane.

One Way Roads - Road Signs

Ahead Only Road Sign

You may see an ahead only road sign. Though this looks similar to a one-way traffic sign, it has a very different meaning. For example, you could be at a junction that states ahead only (no turning left / right), but it could be on a two-way street. This is a mandatory sign, where if you were to make a left or right turn, you could be driving into a one-way street, against the flow of traffic.

If you are in the wrong lane don't just swerve across - Look in the mirrors first

Many driving tests are failed on one-way systems due to learner drivers using the incorrect lane, realising they are in the incorrect lane and trying to swerve across without making sure that its actually safe to.

 Driving tests are not failed due to using the incorrect lane providing it is legal and safe.

If you find yourself in the wrong lane, try and access the correct lane only if it is safe and legal to do so.

You will need to use the Mirror Signal Position routine and check over your right shoulder before changing lanes.

Check road markings also as solid continuous white lines do not permit crossing.

If you cannot access the correct lane, remain in your current lane and simply go in that direction

the examiner will take you on an alternative route and you won't fail your driving test for going the wrong way safely.

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