Rear View Mirror For Driving Test and Driving Instructors

Driving instructor Mirror - Rear View Mirror For Driving test and driving lessons

Why use a driving instructor mirror

An extra interior mirror is required by the instructor during driving lessons to enhance visibility in order to locate all cars and obstacles in your surroundings.


Being able to see vehicles behind you and clear view when reversing, to be able to see pedestrians, vehicles and even parking bays, requires you to have a reliable rear-view interior mirror to help avoid bumps and crashes due to avoidable blind spots and hazards that are not in sight without an extra mirror



Driving instructors / examiners interior mirror

An extra internal mirror used for rear observation for both the driving instructor and the examiner during the driving test. It is not essential to purchase an internal mirror for the driving test as the examiner should have a spare if needed.


It should be placed to the side where you have a clear view through the rear mirror to allow you to clearly see any traffic that is behind and what there intended course of action is

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