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Want to know the truth? Ask a woman!

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Interesting to note in a national newspaper yesterday reported the fact that on average a woman will be able to keep a secret for approx twenty eight and a half hours before she has to tell someone else about it, be a friend, neighbour or family member! <BLOG_BREAK>
    Now on one hand it is very scary to think that whatever i tell someone of the opposite sex will remain a secret with them for just over a day before they feel this overwhelming urge to rush out and splurt out my most innermost thoughts, feelings or actions. And i know at this very second that any female reading this is say ing to themselves, "well it's easier for men, because they have had more practice at hiding secrets!!".
  To quote Blackadder "Well possibly"!! However it still remains a very scary thought that anything that you ever tell someone of the female persuasion is probably on a blog, floating around in cyber space somewhere, and of course it will be pre figured with thenow legendary phrase "they told me not to tell anyone but......"
 So what does this have to do with driving lessons? Well just the thought that the next time you see a dent or scratch on your car which she denies all knowledge of, at least now we know for sure that in less than a day she'll confess to someone somewhere and eventually we'll get to find out!!