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Tips on reducing your car insurance

Today most drivers face a huge cost when it comes to car insurance, but their are ways of helping to reduce your premiums.

Although age and driving experience are a major factor, things such as adding an extra driver onto your insurance policy the next time it is renewed, may help reduce the costs. An extra driver suggests someone is part of a couple and less likely to be partying all night.

The result is, you may slash upto £200 from your premium.

An older car can also be an advantage - Cars that are just 10 years old can be classed as "Vintage"  and with specialist insurers may save upto £440.

Ten Ways to reduce your insurance premium

Motoring Magazine Auto Express got the help of insureres and trade experts to come up with 10 simple ways to help reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

Tips included

Haggling - If not on the price, then getting the cancellation fee and other charges dropped from the premium.

Job Description - A nurse will pay more than a health care worker.

Second Car - If you have access to a second car say so. This helps show you have driving experience.

Don't Claim For minor accidents - Each claim pushes your premium up. If you can just pay for it.

Dont Pay for extras - Such as car hire - you'll normally get this from the garage repairing your car.

Protect your no claims bonus. Your no claims history as a huge affect on your premium.