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  1. It never ceases to amaze me, that with visibility down to a bear minimum, with the fog and mist, you still see people driving around with either just side lights on or no lights at all!! Seriously what is up with these people??? <BLOG_BREAK>The other day visibility was down to about 60 feet and right at the last moment as the pupil was about to turn right, I saw this car appear out of the fog with just its side lights on.
    Thankfully I managed to hit the dual controls and stop us, but what was the idiot in the other car thinking? "Oh it's thick fog, so they'll be bound to see my incredibly poor side lights" WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

    Let me make this perfectly clear If its raining put your headlights on!!, If it's misty put your head lights on!!, If it's getting dark put your headlights on!!

    Infact the only time you don't need to put your headlights on is in the middle of august when its bright sunshine and 37 degrees in the shade.

    The other cause of this is the quite frankly stupid decisions of the car makers to make the dashboard illuminated at all times. Especially vauxhall, when we used the corsa's the amount of times I got flashed cos the dashboard was lit up but i'd forgotten to turn any lights on! Really what is the point of that? It just screams out TROUBLE. And strangely that's all it causes.

  2. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for lorry drivers came into operation from 10th september 2009. The new qualification involves a practical test to demonstrate vehicle safety knowledge and security as well as a new theory test, which involves case studies to check drivers understanding.
        Current drivers do not need to complete a CPC but ALL drivers from september will need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to stay in the industry. The qualification has been developed to raise and maintain the standards of lorry, bus and coach drivers.
    As a personal view, we can only hope that this principle will one day be applied to drivers of cars and motorbikes as well.
  3. When you are training to become a driving instructor, there comes a time when, as you reach the end of your 40 hours training, you must decide if you want to go onto a trainee licence, or, as it is commonly known, a pink licence. <BLOG_BREAK>
     Once you have decided that, you then need to look for a franchise that is going to suit you. If you look at some of the best known national driving school's, you will see that that some charge upto £340 per week for a franchise, which, when you add the cost of the fuel of say £80 for the week, means that you have to work at least 22 hours before YOU start earning any money!!
    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that, with those sorts of figures you need to work 50 or 60 hours to bring home a decent wage
    . Is that really what you want to do? No, I didn't think so either!
      The other sort of driving school franchise will allow you 3 free weeks before you start paying a franchise, sounds quite reasonable doesn't it? However what happens if, after 3 weeks you have no pupils, or only 2 or 3 hours? You still have to pay your franchise!

    We at Driver Training are different, If you have your own car we only charge you £75 per week and we don't start charging until you have a minimum of 8 hours work from us, meaning if we only provide 7 hours work per week, you earn £140 with nothing to pay us!!

      Not many companies would have the faith in their ability to provide work, to offer you that. But we do.

    We offer internet advertising in your local area, we provide newspaper advertising, we provide the car graphics, the stationery and oh yes the pupils, so why not give us a call today and see if we can help you whether you are an Adi or Pdi.

  4. Interesting to note in a national newspaper yesterday reported the fact that on average a woman will be able to keep a secret for approx twenty eight and a half hours before she has to tell someone else about it, be a friend, neighbour or family member! <BLOG_BREAK>
        Now on one hand it is very scary to think that whatever i tell someone of the opposite sex will remain a secret with them for just over a day before they feel this overwhelming urge to rush out and splurt out my most innermost thoughts, feelings or actions. And i know at this very second that any female reading this is say ing to themselves, "well it's easier for men, because they have had more practice at hiding secrets!!".
      To quote Blackadder "Well possibly"!! However it still remains a very scary thought that anything that you ever tell someone of the female persuasion is probably on a blog, floating around in cyber space somewhere, and of course it will be pre figured with thenow legendary phrase "they told me not to tell anyone but......"
     So what does this have to do with driving lessons? Well just the thought that the next time you see a dent or scratch on your car which she denies all knowledge of, at least now we know for sure that in less than a day she'll confess to someone somewhere and eventually we'll get to find out!!

  5. Change In Parking Restrictions

    From June 2010  local authorities in England will be able to issue fixed penalty notices to motorists who park at dropped kerbs or double park even when there are NO road markings or traffic signs to indicate the restrictions. The highway code is clear that motorists should not stop or park in these places and London authorities have issued fixed penalties for a number of years, without dropped kerb or double parking restrictions being indicated.