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Driving with potholes.

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For young people who are learning to drive, now the snow has cleared, many are starting their driving lessons again. However now they face another hazard that is just as bad as the snow.

Driver Training Ltd a local telford driving school, has warned that one of the most unwanted side-effects of the bitterly cold weather, is that now the roads have literally been torn up, resulting in some very big and very deep potholes. 

One senior driving instructor told us "The problem is learner drivers are usually concentrating so hard on actually driving and doing everything that they should, they don't actually see the potholes coming. Therefore as driving instructors we have 2 options. Pull the wheel and swerve or if its a busy road, we just have to let the car go over it! This of course, risks damaging the wheels and the suspension.

More emphasis is placed now on warning the pupils of the hazards we will encounter and also on taking more time to actively look further ahead in the road to see if we can see any of them coming towards us!"

The problem is faced by all driving schools and motorists alike, and the resulting costs to local councils' is immense. Many councils may already be putting into action a plan to get out and do emergency pothole repairs