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Let's get straight to the point, one of the things that really annoys me when I am on a driving lesson, is the fact that so called "qualified drivers" are unable to stick to any sort of lane position on the approach or negotiating of roundabouts! In the last couple of days I have seen numerous people come to roundabouts in the left hand lane and then proceeded to take the 4th exit which is almost completely going back towards the way they came!
   Just for the record there is one simple way to recognise and know for certain where you are supposed to be in regards to lane position, we teach this, not just to students who are on driving lessons but to people training to become driving instructors, and that is...

The general rule of thumb is this:-
Imagine the roundabout as a clock, if the exit you need is12 o'clock or BEFORE you need to approach in the left hand lane, if the exit you need is AFTER 12 you need to approach in the right hand lane.
   The only time this would be different is if the road signs and markings tell you differently.