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Insurance for not driving

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Car Insurance

Up until now you@ve always needed car insurance to drive, but from June 20th 2011, if you have an uninsured car you'll be braking the law whether you drive it or not!

The Continuous Insurance Enforcement rule means cars, motorbikes and motorhomes must ALWAYS be insured.

So no longer can you let the insurance cover lapse whilst you are on holiday, in hospital or just trying to save some money.

It's being introduced to target uninsured drivers allowing the Government to match up the databases of car owners and insured drivers.

Those caught without insurance face an initial £100 fine, followed by clamping, car seizure, or their vehicle being taken away and squashed - but warning letters will be sent first.

For those who have put a SORN ( Statuatory Off Road Notice) on the vehicle and keep their vehicle off the road on a driveway or garage this change will not apply.

This provides even more incentive to make sure you are listed as the registered owner of a vehicle and that when you sell it, to make sure you immeadiately inform the DVLA so you cannot be held responsible for the future actions of the new owner.