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6 points in 2 years?

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Interesting to see on the news this week about the amount of new drivers who pass there driving test and then are banned within the first two years for accumulating 6 or more points. It's a strange scenario really, that as cars get faster, speed limits keep being reduced.
 Now we all know why this needs to be done and it certainly highlights the fact that as we say to all our pupils who are taking driving lessons, "Nobody fails there test for the driving, EVERYBODY fails on observations" Whether it was the fact they didn't see the speed limit, they weren't looking how close or far away from the kerb they were or they didn't see the person about to cross the pedestrian crossing!
  Ultimately it's the observations.
And of course once they pass their test they forget about the observations and concentration until they see the flash of the speed camera or get the fine through the post.