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End of What Car? Driving School

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What Car? Driving school follows BSM and RED

The harsh economic climate claims another driving school with the annoucement that What Car? driving school will come to an end and it's instructors and pupils will be offered the chance to continue with another driving school

In a deal struck between the 2 driving schools at easter, the directors of What Car? decided it was better to amalgame the driving school rather than see it go completely as it was never breaking even.

Set up by ex BSM directors in August 2009, the new driving school promised an elite service from top rated driving instructors,.

However whilst trying to setupb  a national driving school from nothing was always going to be hard, attempting this by providing a premium service at the same time as the worst credit crunch of recent times, proved just one step too far.

This comes hot on the heels of BSM and Red who have all seen their driving schools close in recent months.