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Toronto Mayor Gives Rude Gesture While Driving

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The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Toronto's mayor is denying he gave a woman the finger after she gestured at him and told him not to use a cellphone while driving.

Rob Ford says the allegation is not "accurate" and the whole thing is a "misunderstanding."

A Facebook post by a Toronto woman says she was driving downtown with her six-year-old daughter Friday night when she saw Ford using a cellphone behind the wheel.

Ottilie Mason says she made a thumbs-down gesture and told him to get off the phone and that he responded with a middle finger.

Her Facebook posting is attracting a lot of media attention and buzz on social media sites.

But a statement from the mayor's office says the allegation is untrue.

"There has been a story published that while I was on the phone I made a rude gesture to a fellow driver," Ford's statement reads.

"This is not accurate and it's unfortunate this misunderstanding occurred."