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Horse and Car?

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Speed of Traffic Slows

West Midlands and Shropshire drivers crawl through traffic at an average of less than 20mph. Recent figures have shown average car speeds to be less than the old horse and cart travelled at

Walsall recorded speeds of 19.1mph, but Wolverhampton was worst with motorists taking an average 3 1/2 minutes to travel just one mile. Which equates to 16.9 mph.

The figures come from the Department of Transport.

Dudley averaged 18mph, Sandwell was 17.2mph and Birmingham 17.3mph.

I would personally hazard a guess that now Shrewsbury also would link up there with it. As on several occasions to get from Battlefield to Heathgates roundabout has taken a good 10 - 15 minutes because of the traffic.