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  1. Smartphone apps can cause car crashes

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    Smartphone Apps Causing Car Crashes

    Texting and chatting aren't the only cell phone functions distracting drivers, motorists are also being enticed to take their eyes off the road by their phones' increasing number of apps.

    According to recent University of Alabama at Birmingham survey, 10 percent of students said they use apps often, almost always, or every time they drive. Another 33 percent of the 93 students surveyed said they sometimes use apps while driving.

  2. Drivers Survey : winter/speed cameras

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    Road condition and winter driving

    (winter came with a bang, tyres flattened in potholes – extra cash for repairs and inquiry after inquiry)

    51% expected road gritting in winter 2010/2011 to be better than the winter before. After significant snowfall this fell by 19% to 32% who thought gritting had actually been any better.

    44% of drivers did nothing during 2010 to be better prepared if winter 2010/11 was as bad as winter 2009/10.

    Speed cameras

    (The war on the motorist is over, cameras go cameras come – drivers dont really mind as long as improvement courses not points remain an option)

    75% of  members say speed cameras are acceptable or very acceptable.

    79% of  members agree with the idea of offering drivers courses for minor motoring offences.