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Driving in fog

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It never ceases to amaze me, that with visibility down to a bear minimum, with the fog and mist, you still see people driving around with either just side lights on or no lights at all!! Seriously what is up with these people??? <BLOG_BREAK>The other day visibility was down to about 60 feet and right at the last moment as the pupil was about to turn right, I saw this car appear out of the fog with just its side lights on.
Thankfully I managed to hit the dual controls and stop us, but what was the idiot in the other car thinking? "Oh it's thick fog, so they'll be bound to see my incredibly poor side lights" WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

Let me make this perfectly clear If its raining put your headlights on!!, If it's misty put your head lights on!!, If it's getting dark put your headlights on!!

Infact the only time you don't need to put your headlights on is in the middle of august when its bright sunshine and 37 degrees in the shade.

The other cause of this is the quite frankly stupid decisions of the car makers to make the dashboard illuminated at all times. Especially vauxhall, when we used the corsa's the amount of times I got flashed cos the dashboard was lit up but i'd forgotten to turn any lights on! Really what is the point of that? It just screams out TROUBLE. And strangely that's all it causes.