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Survey on Fuel Prices

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Fuel prices

(new records set – impact is biting)

from the AA

Three quarters of respondents are cutting back on spending and/or driving because of rising fuel prices.

Compared with 2007:

  • 31% say they travel less by car
  • 16% say they have cut back on other expenditure, and
  • 29% say they have done both.

Apart from driving, the main area for saving is on entertainment – mainly trips to cinema and restaurants.

Panelists think that the government is most responsible for fuel price rises, followed by oil companies and oil producing countries.

While 12% blame city traders, only 1% blame individuals owning filling stations.

Over 80% think there should be a body charged with monitoring the market to ensure fair prices.

72% agree that fuel retailers may not pass on all of any reduction in fuel tax that a fuel duty stabiliser may bring.