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Annoying Driving Habits

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Annoying Driving Habits.

Before you read this, I appreciate that most of you will have been driving successfully for many years without ever claiming on your insurance or being involved in an accident.

However that is NOT a definition of a good driver

What defines a good driver? Well really it's quite simple.

A good driver is one who doesn't need other drivers to react to him, a driver who doesn't cause confusion to other road users and who doesn't expect other drivers to guess what he's going to do, but clearly and safely gives other drivers exact and well timed information to respond to.

As we go through the list see if there are any of these that annoy you when others do them, but also see if you are also guilty of driving this way.

1. Lane Position on Roundabouts.


When it comes to roundabouts, there is a simple rule of thumb. If the exit that you want is 12 o'clock or before you stay in the left hand lane, If it is past 12 you go in the right hand lane.

The only exception to this is when road markings tell you otherwise.

So as you look at the sign above, the exit for the motorway (the blue box) is 3rd exit, but it is at 12 o'clock. So therefore you would need to stay in the left hand lane. Wait until you were half way past the 2nd exit and then indicate to the left to let eveyone know you were taking that exit.

(we'll cover signalling later in the series!!)

The amount of times you see people going right from the left hand lane or straight from the right hand lane is really annoying!!

Especially when going right in the left hand lane it causes so many problems because the driver who is in the correct driving position, now has to slow and make allowances for the other driver to keep them both from harm.