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  1. Councilman charged AGAIN for Driving on a suspeneded licence

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    Erie county councilman charged again for driving on a suspended licence.


    Erie County Councilman Ebert Beeman said Tuesday he does not remember being pulled over for driving on a suspended license earlier this month.

    It has been at least two years since he was arrested for that, he said.

    The Waterford councilman -- already beset by legal problems, including a federal indictment -- faces new charges, nonetheless.

  2. Smartphone apps can cause car crashes

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    Smartphone Apps Causing Car Crashes

    Texting and chatting aren't the only cell phone functions distracting drivers, motorists are also being enticed to take their eyes off the road by their phones' increasing number of apps.

    According to recent University of Alabama at Birmingham survey, 10 percent of students said they use apps often, almost always, or every time they drive. Another 33 percent of the 93 students surveyed said they sometimes use apps while driving.

  3. Motorists survey: Speed Limits

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    Speed limits

    (new speed limit guidance due but motorway limit held)

    from AA

    There has been speculation about the introduction of an 80mph motorway limit and Government is reducing red tape to make it easier to introduce 20mph zones.

    • 63% of respondents felt the motorway speed limit should be increased
    • 23% felt any new motorway speed limit should be strictly enforced
    • 39% felt any new motorway speed limit should be enforced as the 70 limit is now
    • 56% agree there should be more 20mph zones but only on residential streets