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  1. Young drivers can get insurance reductions

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    Car insurance for young drivers

    Young Marmalade, which specialises in car insurance for younger drivers, has cut premiums by 17% during the four months to the end of July, bucking the trend of soaring premiums.

    AA Insurance said premiums for drivers between 17 and 22 have risen, on average, by 80% over the past two years, while the latest Watson car insurance index, which tracks more than 4m quotes, shows the average 17- to 20-year-old male now paying £4,006 a year for comprehensive cover, compared with an average premium cost of £858.

  2. Car Insurance Deals

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    Tips on reducing your car insurance

    Today most drivers face a huge cost when it comes to car insurance, but their are ways of helping to reduce your premiums.

    Although age and driving experience are a major factor, things such as adding an extra driver onto your insurance policy the next time it is renewed, may help reduce the costs. An extra driver suggests someone is part of a couple and less likely to be partying all night.

  3. Driving badly increases Insurance Premiums.

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    CHESTER, England, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire

    A Conviction for "Driving Without due Care and Attention" Increases Motor Insurance Premiums by up to 27 per Cent


    Distracted drivers are rife on our roads, and are risking hefty hikes to their car insurance premiums if they are caught being careless behind the wheel, says