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  1. Driving badly increases Insurance Premiums.

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    CHESTER, England, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire

    A Conviction for "Driving Without due Care and Attention" Increases Motor Insurance Premiums by up to 27 per Cent


    Distracted drivers are rife on our roads, and are risking hefty hikes to their car insurance premiums if they are caught being careless behind the wheel, says

  2. Councilman charged AGAIN for Driving on a suspeneded licence

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    Erie county councilman charged again for driving on a suspended licence.


    Erie County Councilman Ebert Beeman said Tuesday he does not remember being pulled over for driving on a suspended license earlier this month.

    It has been at least two years since he was arrested for that, he said.

    The Waterford councilman -- already beset by legal problems, including a federal indictment -- faces new charges, nonetheless.

  3. Drivers Survey : winter/speed cameras

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    Road condition and winter driving

    (winter came with a bang, tyres flattened in potholes – extra cash for repairs and inquiry after inquiry)

    51% expected road gritting in winter 2010/2011 to be better than the winter before. After significant snowfall this fell by 19% to 32% who thought gritting had actually been any better.

    44% of drivers did nothing during 2010 to be better prepared if winter 2010/11 was as bad as winter 2009/10.

    Speed cameras

    (The war on the motorist is over, cameras go cameras come – drivers dont really mind as long as improvement courses not points remain an option)

    75% of  members say speed cameras are acceptable or very acceptable.

    79% of  members agree with the idea of offering drivers courses for minor motoring offences.

  4. Bad Parking

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    Change In Parking Restrictions

    From June 2010  local authorities in England will be able to issue fixed penalty notices to motorists who park at dropped kerbs or double park even when there are NO road markings or traffic signs to indicate the restrictions. The highway code is clear that motorists should not stop or park in these places and London authorities have issued fixed penalties for a number of years, without dropped kerb or double parking restrictions being indicated.