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A new way of scrapping your car?

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A FED-UP motorist decided to get shot of his duff Porsche — by giving it to a gun club for target practice.

The £50,000 luxury motor was riddled with more than 10,000 bullets after 140 weapons enthusiasts were done with it.

Its owner decided to make the generous gift after getting fed up with his silver 911's constant engine problems.

He donated it to a gun club in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, where it was parked in the firing range for its members too blast at will.

Men, women and CHILDREN fired off more than 10,000 rounds from machine guns and automatic weapons, wrecking the Porsche almost beyond recognition.


Video game animator and gun fan John Beauchemin filmed the motoring massacre.

He said: "The car was 100 yards from the line, and we had lots of new and inexperienced shooters and people using pistols.

"We were accurate enough to shoot the spokes out of the wheels pretty quickly when someone suggested it.

"I managed to put a few rifled slugs into her myself — I just wanted to destroy something beautiful.

"Fun times were had by all — except the Porsche."

The gun club said the unnamed owner had spent thousands trying to fix problems with the car's engine and cooling system before deciding to scrap it.