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Womens Car Insurance Costs

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Women's Car Insurance

Young women currently get cheaper deals than men the same age because they are considered a "safer risk".

typically young women pay an average of £1,650 where as a young man pays an average of £2,700.

figures have recently shown that men are 10 times more likely to be in a crash involving serious injury, they are also 25 times more likely to commit a traffic offense within the first 3 years of them passing their test.!!!

so if you are a young driver here are some helpful tips to help you save money and keep your car.

  • Change the way you drive:, keep a look out for traffic lights and junctions that way you don't need to break suddenly
  • Drive more smoothly
  • Change the gears at the right times
  • Tidy the inside of your car to make it lighter 

By doing this you can reduce the amount of petrol you use and even prevent certain car parts from being damaged sooner than they should