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New Survey from AA

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21 June 2011

The AA's Great British Motorist report looks at motoring opinion since the start of the Coalition Government.

Potholes, parking and lack of traffic police alongside strong views on speed cameras, speed limits and speed awareness courses have been some of the critical issues on this year's Populus agenda, tracking the views from 150,000 members.

Some 200 questions have been asked, ranging from serious motoring issues like drink drive limits (the majority support lower limits) to the best song to drive to ('Bat out of hell').

Fuel prices

Soaring fuel prices are rammed home as one of the big challenges facing the coalition government in its first year, according to new research. The proportion of drivers affected by record pump prices has leapt from 63% at Christmas to 76% now.

With just under half still blaming the Government for the high cost of fuel and a quarter blaming oil companies, the relevance of research as the barometer of driver opinion across the full range of motoring issues over the past 12 months is clear.


According to Edmund King, AA President, "The Coalition Government has talked about 'ending the war on the motorist' yet some of their actions appear at odds with motoring opinion, such as, not lowering the drink drive limit or suggesting less frequent MOTs. Our research shows that the majority of drivers supported a lower drink/drive limit and they felt that less frequent MOTs could hinder safety.

"The cost of fuel is top of drivers' concerns. The number of driver's adversely affected by fuel prices is now running at an all time high of 76%.

"Despite the Government ditching the proposed fuel duty increase at the budget, 42% of drivers still blame the Government for high fuel prices. If the Government really wants to get the motorist on board their policies should reflect mainstream motoring opinion."