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Driving lessons at night

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With less than a week to go before the clocks go back an hour, now is a good time to make an extra special effort to check that all of the lights and equipment on your car are fully working and in good order before starting your driving lessons. Make sure that the windscreen washer bottle is filled with a good quality and preferably winter proof screen wash. One that wont freeze up now that we are getting night frosts.

Then make sure all of your external bulbs are working - the amount of cars we see with only one headlight, sidelight or brake light working is quite frankly scary. There is nothing worse than looking in the distance and thinking you have a motorbike coming towards you, only to realise at the last second that it's actually a car with only one headlight.

Next make sure all internal bulbs are working, so all of your instrument panel and dials can be clearly seen and identified. Also check that your heater fan works. Having past 2 cars recently that it was obvious there's didn't because the inside of all the window was fogged up. This way you'll keep yourself safe and everyone else on the road.