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Adi Part 3 Trainees with RED refused part 3 test bookings.

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Adi part 3 Training with RED

It has recently come to our attention that several of the trainees who have been doing their Adi part 3 training with Red have been told that, as their training was done with the company that was put into receivership, they would not be entitled to have their Adi Part 3 test booked UNLESS they sign up for a driving school franchise with RED.

 This seems to be odd to say the least, first of all this "new" Red has continued to honour the 40 hours of training agreed to under the original contract (which in itself is hugely sub-standard in fact I've yet to meet a part 3 that when they totted up their hours has amounted to any more than 26!!).

Part 3 Training Payments

But now they seem to be saying that the money that the trainees paid in advance - which let's not forget - INCLUDED ALL test fees - Up to a maximum of 3 on Adi part 3 - Will now NOT BE HONOURED and the trainee must pay for it themselves or become a franchise holder.

Now if you become a franchise holder this means you pay RED money for the full duration of the contract - usually 12 months - With NO GUARANTEE OF AN INCOME

Now with all franchises you take a risk, its one of the perils of being self employed.

But these are the same people who have taken the best part of £4000 from you in advance and are refusing to spend £300 on your exam.

These are the people who have promised you 40 hours of training - Add your hours up (excluding coffee breaks and dinner) how much training have you really done?

These are the people you need to ask before commiting to a 12 month contract - Dare I trust someone like this?