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When people have their driving lessons it is almost inevitable at some point we will be going towards a set of traffic lights and the pupil will not realise they are on red, so either a verbal command to stop is given or the dual controls are used. This is understandable as most people on their driving lessons are concentrating on their steering, gears or other road users and have to be taught to read the road ahead.
   However, what really amazes me, is the amount of FULLY qualified drivers who jump red lights! Whether this is a deliberate act because they are running late, or just because they are too dozy to look, I haven't worked out! But whatever the reason, it is incredibly dangerous to all parties involved. Their is often talk of the government introducing a 5 or 10 year system of being re-tested on your driving, and I think the quicker this is introduced the better the road driving standards would become.
  After all, we all pick up bad habits quite quickly, I know pupils who were brilliant on their driving lessons, yet, within a couple of months of passing their test, come flying past me on the dual carriageway doing at least 90! (and they have the cheek to smile and blow the horn!!) So we know its something that creeps in, we just need to highlight it to the majority. Because without anyone to show them what they are doing wrong, the first time they find out is when they go head to head with another car from the opposite direction!
I have a feeling that, that, may be a little too late!