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Commentary Driving

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It really does amaze me that driving instructor trainers DO NOT get there pdi's doing commentary driving until they are on there part3!
  This is an essential part of passing the part 3 exams and needs to be started as soon as some chooses to become a driving instructor, not 2 months before they are due to sit an exam!!
Without the commentary you cannot possible expect to give the right level of instruction on phase 1 or indeed be ahead of the pupil with what you expect them to do. Instead it becomes a history lesson....."you crossed the white line there.....You nearly hit that cars mirrors.....You should have stopped for that pedestrian"

This is not the way to pass your part 3!!!!

And the amount of people who train to become an instructor are not being taught this.
 If you are a pdi and your trainer is not ORDIT registered and you are not being taught on a one to one basis then perhaps it is time to think about using another trainer.
       You only get 3 attempts at the test DO not waste them!!