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  1. Erie county councilman charged again for driving on a suspended licence.


    Erie County Councilman Ebert Beeman said Tuesday he does not remember being pulled over for driving on a suspended license earlier this month.

    It has been at least two years since he was arrested for that, he said.

    The Waterford councilman -- already beset by legal problems, including a federal indictment -- faces new charges, nonetheless.

  2. Test centre to go back on driving route

    A driving test centre is to re-open – six months after it was closed due to a lack of demand.

    The Driving Standards Agency has announced it will resume testing in Cumnock, Ayrshire, by the end of July.

    The centre, in Hall Terrace, closed in January after a multi-purpose test centre opened in Ayr.

    Re-opening the centre is part of a national trial to provide a more local service for test candidates. Ayrshire is one of seven UK areas to be part of the trial.

  3. Parking fee rises are hidden on website!!

    Hidden away, for those who choose to seek out the appropriate part of the council's website in order to make an official complaint, is the information that the charge for residents parking in north Shropshire market towns, whether on street or on car parks, is to be increased from £50 a year to £110 when passes issued this year expire. 

    This is an increase of 120%

    If Shropshire council can't stop harrying motorists in rural areas, while boasting that counsel tax is not increased, and stop wasting money on fancy offices and spending fortunes on credit cards, they will have to do without this lifelong conservative's vote next time.

    They should concentrate their efforts on cutting out waste.!

    Any tax payer could give them some good ideas.

  4. Smartphone Apps Causing Car Crashes

    Texting and chatting aren't the only cell phone functions distracting drivers, motorists are also being enticed to take their eyes off the road by their phones' increasing number of apps.

    According to recent University of Alabama at Birmingham survey, 10 percent of students said they use apps often, almost always, or every time they drive. Another 33 percent of the 93 students surveyed said they sometimes use apps while driving.